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1byone wirless keyboard review



This is one of the best keyboard I have used. I got this Keyboard last week and ts amazing.I ordered this keyboard on Amazon because my original keyboard wasn’t working. I have Asus transformer laptop,this type of laptops are called two in one. this means its tablet and laptop. you can remove the keyboard.i would recommend this keyboard because it works on windows tablets and other types of devices.the best thing about it is that you can us it on your phone. I know some people hate reading and others like reading. for more information about this keyboard click on the link below.

[Review] 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard + Trackpad Combo (Video)






facebook logo

Facebook is a social media app that helps people to connect with families and friends.This app is available on all smartphones and also on PC.

There are many good and bad things about Facebook.The good thing I like about Facebook is you can speak to all your friends at the same time. You can make a group chat to discuss assignments or homework. You can meet new friends in the group.Another thing I like about this app is posting and sharing your pictures and videos with friends.If you have Facebook account you can play some online games with friends or another Facebook member.You can upload your own pictures and videos.You can like, comment, share pictures and videos of other people.The good thing about is that once you like a page you get all the updates. For example if you liked like button on a news page you will get most of the news before they come live on TV



You get to waste time on this app instead of doing something else that is more important.Another thing is that is not good about this app is you can’t use it without internet connection.People who you don’t know get to see your posts as they are friends of friends.You must have an email account in order to create a Facebook account.Sometimes you get threatening or abusive messages from unknown people.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger


This is an app messenger is an app that lets you text and call friends for free. This app is available on all smartphones. Whatsapp uses internet connection such as 3G/2G/EDGE/ Wi-Fi or mobile data.Once you have this app you’re able to send audio, video clips and photos.This app will sync your contact which makes it easier for you to add people to viber so that you can make local and international calls.


You get to save your calls and message costs.You can send and receive calls and messages any time. You can read your friends status and also see their last seen time. You can see if the message you sent reached your friend. You can create a group up to 100 participants and chart for free.The good thing about it is that you don’t need to remember username and password. This means that this app does not require login details.This app will always be logged on your PC or phone. This means that you will only login once after you have downloaded it.You can send your locations to anyone you want.



You need to pay is $0.99 USD/year which means you have to pay £0.65 a year if you live in the UK.You need internet which means you can’t use the app without internet connection.You require Smartphone or a phone that can connect to the internet.




This is an app where you can send and receive free messages and calls to families and friends.Viber lets you call and send message to another viber member for free. Viber app works on all smart phones. You can make calls or send message at anytime day or night.Once you have installed the app you will be able to see your contacts if they have viber or not.The app syn your contact which makes it easy to add people. Add people by skimpily entering their viber number or by scanning their QR code.Good thing is that you can make a group chart with up to 100 people in your contact and have fun.It lets you call people all over the world for free.You can block unwanted contacts such as annoying people.You can send free images and voice clips to family or friend members in your contact.You can also send video to viber members.You can video call other viber members for free.This app is also available on tablets, pc and laptops. On Pc you just verify your phone number and start enjoying the app.



Anyone who has your phone number can call or text you.People can get your phone number from group charts.You need internet connection.You have to pay in order to call outside viber.You can’t sign up without a phone number.You need a Smartphone so that you can download the app.