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Facebook is a social media app that helps people to connect with families and friends.This app is available on all smartphones and also on PC.

There are many good and bad things about Facebook.The good thing I like about Facebook is you can speak to all your friends at the same time. You can make a group chat to discuss assignments or homework. You can meet new friends in the group.Another thing I like about this app is posting and sharing your pictures and videos with friends.If you have Facebook account you can play some online games with friends or another Facebook member.You can upload your own pictures and videos.You can like, comment, share pictures and videos of other people.The good thing about is that once you like a page you get all the updates. For example if you liked like button on a news page you will get most of the news before they come live on TV



You get to waste time on this app instead of doing something else that is more important.Another thing is that is not good about this app is you can’t use it without internet connection.People who you don’t know get to see your posts as they are friends of friends.You must have an email account in order to create a Facebook account.Sometimes you get threatening or abusive messages from unknown people.


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